Men, money and yearning. Soul Flame is a 20-something woman’s spiritual quest into her own identity among a world of rich bachelors, Hollywood filmmakers, and the biggest temptation of them all: a proposition from her “dream man” for an ideal life in the suburbs.
Morgan’s finally gotten everything she’s searched for: a man to settle down with, a career she’s passionate about, and a lavish lifestyle near Pittsburgh.
But still, a little voice inside is shaking up her perfect life and questioning her reality.
Should she stay comfortable or take a risk? Ignore the voice or find the courage to follow it?
When transformation for an inspired life beyond her wildest dreams comes knocking, how will she answer?
This is the perfect novella for women of any age who are looking for hope and support during periods of seemingly illogical, truly inspired change.
Soul Flame is the first in a series of books about breaking free from societal norms, finding one’s soulmate, and the strength and trials in consciously creating a life together.

(Cover painting by my husband Chris Law. He is available for hire for book cover art as well as many other mediums. Email him here: