Hi Loveys,

My obsession with homemaking came after I moved to Cali, met my soulmate and we began living in our cute little cottage by the sea. Homemade tinctures from homegrown garden herbs, magically natural cleaning potions, beeswax candles, essential oils, crystals on the window sills, kombucha brewing on the counter, salt lamps, sage, the sound of the sea at night, the smell of jasmine wafting in the window, the cool ocean air kissing my skin as our little kitchen of love heated up with the smells of a fresh farmer’s market dinner…I became obsessed with the simplicity of this new holistic lifestyle, a fairy tale by the sea.

Welcome to The Holistic Household! You’ve landed in a space of EMPOWERED HOMEMAKING.  It took me many years to realize this simple concept: I feel the most powerful within my own home. When I tell my husband I’m a kitchen witch, it’s a kidding, not kidding kinda thing. I’m just going to let ya know straight away that this might be a little different than most of the messages flying at women these days. Let me explain

As a young girl people used to project onto me their dreams for my future. They predicted that I’d be running some huge company making tons of money. So I started to create that persona in my mind. When I got into the “real world”  I worked corporate jobs and held leadership positions and impressed people for a while. But when it was all said and done, I didn’t want to hang in that game. And I didn’t for long.

When I was 28 I moved across the country from Pittsburgh to Southern California. I met my soulmate and began writing a book. This was the first time I really started to live my own dream.

To my surprise I found that I truly loved being a wife, a mom, a writer, and a homemaker. I even loved the heart-opening simplicity that came with being a nanny and chose to make my living in that way.

Recently, one of my lifelong dreams came true with the completion of my first book, Soul Flame.  I wrote the majority of that book sitting at my tiny desk in our small bedroom in our first home together in California. My current dream is to be a stay at home mama writer. I am in the process of writing my second book – this story has just begun!

I created this blog because I know that every woman who consciously chooses, can and will create within her household a sacred space, a vortex of loving relationships, happy healthy kids, and a peaceful world.

I will show you my best tips for bringing peace, excellent health, and more love into your household.

I’m here to help you feel like an inspired goddess in your own home.

I will not spare any realness either. This fairy tale has a lot of real life stuff like the reality of living this close to the beach and at times only being able to afford to put $1 in the gas tank, my husband losing his job, a miscarriage, plus the many years of feeling an overall lack of purpose. Why not share it all? Life is still good and there is something to be learned from everything. And I love each of you for finding your way here.



A little more about the holistic household of Ashlee & Chris…

We eat gluten free & vegetarian ♥ We subscribe to the ideal of minimalism in our small home near the ocean ♥ We are environmentalists doing everything we can to help the Earth heal and reverse climate change ♥ We run a beach volleyball program for teenagers called Circles Academy ♥ We live in a 95% chemical free household ♥ We meditate daily ♥ We practice yoga ♥ We workout twice per week minimum (my husband is actually a personal trainer) ♥ We are avid avid avid spiritual seekers – you should take a look at our bookshelf ♥ We have a 10 pound Malti-poo named Maylee ♥ I’m pretty much baby crazy – Baby Law we are ready for you!